Cigarettes, E-Cigs and CVS


Recently CVS decided to pull all cigarettes from its shelves, including e-cigs and vapor related products that are non-FDA approved. This image cleanup is an obvious tactic to separate itself from its competitor Walgreens that is still selling cigarettes; a smart move on their behalf.

Generally, when a smoker (and there are a lot) needs to go to a convenient store, two competing stores will be placed side-by-side for competition. The smoker is obviously going to go with the store that carries what they want. In addition, most of the public could care less about cigarettes (when not being smoked around them). Obviously, Walgreens is going to secure more sales.

CVS may be clearing out the tobacco products to assert the clean and healthy image of living ‘smoke-free’. This tactic may work if cigarettes and e-cigs are astronomically affected in terms of taxes. One thing to note is that CVS, like Walgreens, carries booze. Everyone knows that alcohol is worse for the body than cigarettes.

Sure, come on in to CVS and pick up a case of beer, frozen lunch snacks and Robitussin, but don’t smoke cigarettes because they’re unhealthy. This move on CVS’s behalf could garner them positive attention from health advocates who are working desperately to further decline smoking, though the simple fact remains that buy NOT selling cigarettes, smokers will go elsewhere; probably to the neighboring store. That smoker won’t forget either, and by default will most likely continue going to that convenient store.

There is also the issue of civil liberty. Cigarettes are not illegal and by fazing them out of a major corporation which prides itself on having ‘all the essentials’, they are losing their customer base while also making asses out of themselves while they push on other competitors to do the same for their cause which I suppose CVS believes they are starting a revolution. What CVS needs to realize is that they are a convenient store, which means that if they want to secure sales they should be a place of convenience.

CVS is just one company out of dozens, and as CVS continues to release press releases and anti-smoking zeal, they are receiving press. If CVS is attempting to appeal to the anti-vape figures (is it ironic that CVS pulled all vaporizers and cigarettes, and was sure to mention e-cigs? Probably not!) then they will also simultaneously have the support of the tobacco industry, as ironic is that may sound. Right now, big tobacco is most concerned with annihilating vaping as if trends continue it has been estimated that vaping will overtake tobacco in about 20 years.

There is a war going on with health official in terms of smoking and vaping. While all of the concern rests on these two ‘vices’, alcohol still remains on all of the shelves; a major indicator that health and wellness is NOT the goal of CVS.



Saving Money on the Best E-Cigs – Tips for First Time Vapers


Shopping electronic cigarettes and vaporizers can seem overwhelming with the myriad of vendors, both online and brick and mortar,that exist both online and in market areas. From disposable strawberry e-cigarettes to tobacco flavored e-liquids; the average buyer who is a first-time user is undoubtedly lost as to what the best products are, and furthermore, what the best prices and deals are. While there are many companies that run promos and discounts, if one wants to stick with a company, examining the baseline prices is paramount, as this is the true indicator of how much a shopper will spend.

A great place to find a starting point is by communicating with actual vapers in forums and on social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook where users are knowledgeable of the various stores and their prices and deals. Communicating with e-cig users who have already been vaping will save new users both time and money. I guess it’s best if you require the services of

Once a reputable brand and e-cig device is selected, finding the best sales in vaporizers is all about searching Google for coupons and promotional sites. This is a great way to save, as once the best shop has been chosen, the discount sites provide a great starting platform to get going while spending less and not wrecking the bank account.

E-Cigarette deals and coupons can be found by searching through the net using keywords like (brand) coupons. The sites which list at the top of the search are generally the most trusted and up-to-date sources for deals and discounts. These sites have generally collaborated with e-cigarette and vape users who have already used said coupons, whereas they then upload the promo code and then verify that the deal actually worked. Because deals always have expiration dates, going through the older and less-highly ranked sources will often be a letdown and of less value to the consumer.

There are various types of discounts that electronic cigarette manufactures will institute. The first form is just a basic coupon code, which is also called a promo code that consists of numbers, letters or a phrase. Generally at checkout a shopper will be prompted to enter this code, in which case the total spent amount will reduce by a certain amount of dollars or percent. Some companies will offer multiple coupons at one time while others will only allow a single application.

Other sellers will create “live sales” where a discount is automatically applied at checkout. This is very similar to a sale you might see in a shopping mall where a buyer goes to the register and the clerk automatically knocks a certain amount off the final ticket. Live sales are often advertised through company social media platforms, so users who love a certain type or who consider one vendor to be the best electronic cigarette company should subscribe to that store’s newsletter and social media platforms.

Flash sales are also popular with outlets like Twitter where news and specials are flowing in streams of text with links. These types of deals are quick- meaning that for, say an hour, there will be a huge discount, either in the form of a promo coupon or an automatic discount like the live sales, but for a very limited amount of time. These sales are generally luck of the draw and are all about being in the right place at the right time.

Affiliates Take Advantage of the Booming E-Cig Industry


Vaping has become more than just satiating a nicotine fix, but about being free of smoke, tar and odor. This new technology has brought on two types of users; hobbyists who love building mods and simple cigarette smokers seeking a good smoking alternative. Simultaneously, many affiliates whom are also users of e-cigs are funding their use of vaporizers and e-cigs with the easy money that they generate from these affiliation programs. For an affiliate, it is as simple as copying and pasting a code onto their site or social media. Clicks generate them easy money which is locked in their own account. Some of these affiliates even use their employee discounts to fund their e-cigs while also making an easy profit. E-juice and vaporizers can be expensive, and with a supplemented income and a discount, these devices become essentially free for the affiliate.

Though vaporizers can be expensive, in the long run they save smokers money by the decreased cost of the usa e-liquid. E-Cigs use this same e-juice, but instead it is located in the mouthpiece and preassembled. usa e-liquidOver the course of a year, a smoker can save thousands of dollars by switching to electronic cigarettes, and if they are to become involved in an affiliation program promoted by Local SEO, even more. What’s even more enticing is the e-cig industry itself- which is massively growing. Over the course of a few years the sales of electronic cigarette and hookah pens has skyrocketed- from thousands of dollars to billions of dollars.

Many people are familiar with electronic cigarette pens, but many are unaware of the new e-cig technology which allows electronic cigarette users the option to vape flavors through the traditional e-cig design, rather than the more complex VTM design (which is bulky and confusing for many). These are called e-hookahs, which are usually slightly longer and heavier than regular electronic cigarettes. Flavors stem from simple to complex and are sometimes shisha inspired, though the vapor technology is the same as how an e-cig is engineered.

Affiliates are find tremendous success in selecting companies which are new and rising in the market. The best brands tend to be the ones which are emerging with the most products, as these customers spend the most. Many of these affiliate programs will be residual and allow an affiliate to continue profiting off of repeat customers. Some affiliate programs will offer up to 50% commissions on revenue, with many of these rates being locked. Future company success can land these savvy affiliates with a fortune down the road.

As E-Cigs continue to gain popularity and an increased user-base, big tobacco, one of the largest capitalist sectors of the economy is becoming intimidated. This is big news for lovers of e-cigs, vapes and e-juice, because it only solidifies their presence and public response. Keen affiliates have noticed these trends, and are becoming more and more financially involved in the expanding market.

From purchasing stocks to simple affiliation programs, entrepreneurs looking for reliable and easy money are striking gold with the booming electronic cigarette market. From electronic hookah pens to kitsy e-juices, the market is becoming more and more interesting, and reaping more and more money for the people who take advantage early.

Relaxing, Feel Good Possibilities


Traditional cigarettes can be a real drag sometimes. Many smokers don’t want their house to smell like smoke since it would be rather unpleasant for visitors. If you smoke indoors, the smell of smoke sticks to everything – carpet, couches, beds, drapes, blinds, furniture… everything. Not only does it get everywhere, the smell is nearly impossible to remove. It takes almost a year to really clean out the smell, and even then, you can still get a whiff of it now and then.

Before, it was impossible to smoke inside without the nasty smell getting embedded in everything. The vapor doesn’t produce any smoky smells and it doesn’t cling. There’s just no smell at all, and it’s a godsend. One of the greatest experiences I’ve had since making the switch is just laying in bed and relaxing at night with a vape. Using one hand to control the vape and the other holding a book. It’s one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had in ages.

And yet, that’s not all. Since I’ve made the switch, I’ve finally conquered a goal of mine I’ve wanted to do for a while. One night, on a whim, I bought a flavored E-Liquid with zero nicotine. It came two days later, and I spent all night vaping with it, trying to learn to blow smoke rings. Now, usually there would be a point where I needed to take a break because smoking would just get to be too much, but without the nicotine vaping was as easy as breathing – quite literally. Not like you’ll be requiring services found at

And the ease of vaping at night is compounded by the other options you have as well. It’s rather incredible, really. Most of the reasons I never smoked around the house at night are gone. The smell is gone, and with that, I don’t have to worry about annoying any partners that are with you. You breath won’t stink – which is a great way to keep things fun in the bedroom. And you won’t taste like an ashtray – which also keeps things fun.

In addition to all of that, sd I’ve said, there’s no residual. That goes for more than just a lasting smell, too. Vaping is discreet, and won’t attract attention, which is good in a house, but great in an apartment. Of course, I do not condone sneaking vaping in your apartment if it’s not allowed, however, if you’re landlord allows it, vaping shouldn’t bother anyone. There is no lasting smell, and the lack of such a smell means that your neighbors won’t even know you smoke.

Franchises Explained


In today’s world, franchises are the hit thing to making money.
No matter where you go, rural parts of the country or developed and bustling cities, you will find a string of franchises, from hotels and restaurants, to shopping malls and other kinds of places all strung to one another.
So, if you are searching for next new franchise to own, then you want to make sure that you can really sift the good offers from the bad ones. That means, be careful when business people come to with offers that sound good, because you might find yourself caught in a money pit before long.

For example, one common phrase that many people selling a franchise will use is “turnkey” business. This essentially suggests that all you have to do is get on board and you will be rolling in the riches, but be careful, because a lot of times that phrase is attached with a lot of independence associated with you.

This means that you will most likely be introduced to the business basics of your purchase and then you will attend a few training sessions and have some guidance before the seller leaves you hanging in the lurch with the fate of the entire business solely in your hands.

Imagine long nights at the office sifting through reams of papers and files and trying to hold up this suddenly massive ship that has been placed in your hands. You will have enough trouble keeping it afloat, not to mention even turning a profit. This means, you have to be careful when people offer you a turnkey franchise, because chances are the entire thing is better than it sounds and probably not as good as they make it out to be.

To save yourself worlds of heartache and extra labor, it is best if you just do additional research into the company and business and make sure that you work ou

t a better transitional period.
If you are really serious about having a franchise of your own, then go with a company that has a solid reputation behind it. Talk to that company, at the main offices, and if they think you are a good fit for their company, they will be able to work you into owning a business that can be profitable for you and yield great results.

This will help you avoid the money pit of taking it from someone who doesn’t guide you into the new waters and lets you drown. You can study the future growth of the company, as well, to get a kind of look at your own future in it, and this can be done by studying the research, graphs, and trends of the past history of the company.
Then, you can use a proven model of business that can help you establish a model to work form and can reassure you that your franchise efforts will prove lucrative as you take that leap forth into a new businessFranchising


What to Expect in a Starter Kit


Many people have been talking about the electronic cigarette starter kit. In fact, some of your friends might be enjoying the feel and taste of this cigarette that contains the E juice, a special component of the cigarette. In your visit to the mall, you might have also seen a few of these electronic cigarettes in a cigarette store. A smokeless cigarette is something that you might find quite interesting. You should read along if you are rather curious about the features and benefits of an electronic cigarette kit, which you can find out as you read this article.

Because of technology, we are now experiencing new and exciting gadgets and devices that are worthy of our curiosity. For instance, smokeless cigarettes are a great smoking device that contains E juice. You will discover that tobacco cigarettes are very different from electronic cigarettes. More than the contents of the cigarettes, the main component of the e-cigs is the E juice, which has less chemical contents. You can readily find this type of cigarette at any cigarette store online or in your town. The electronic cigarette kit allows you to experience same taste and feel of smoking tobacco cigarettes. The main difference is that you do not allow hundreds of harmful chemicals inside your body.

The E juice is definitely a better alternative to a typical tobacco cigarette. A striking thing about it is that the electronic cigarette is smokeless. You will not be an ecigsannoyance to others even if you smoke in a public place. Any brand of electronic cigarette at any cigarette store will give you the same great effect on your body. With an electronic cigarette kit, you can smoke wherever you want. The cigarette does not emit a thick and harmful smoke because of the E juice. The vapor it releases simply fades away easily.

Another interesting thing about the electronic cigarette is the fabulous taste. The liquid comes with different kinds of flavor that you might like. You will love the same feel of smoking tobacco cigarettes, which you have been accustomed to. Hence, you can still bask in the same feeling of smoking the conventional way – without the hundreds of harmful of chemicals invading your body.

Find a great brand of E juice in your favorite cigarette store. You will find it easy to purchase the brand of your choice and you will love the affordable price these electronic cigarettes have. Remember to compare the features of each brand before buying a particular electronic cigarette kit found in a cigarette store. We recommend

Should you Franchise?


Today, people start their day with hopping into a cafe eating burger, coffee then pizza in lunch and finally favorite cuisine in your favorite restaurant.
All these brand outlets are majorly handled by franchise owners. Franchise opportunities are all around us and the ones who have planned to be their own bosses must take up it as a lucrative business investment. Now, many people are taking up franchise as serious business opportunities and are ready with fund to start up with the business.

However, selecting a franchise opportunity plays pivotal role in future therefore research a lot about the particular industry before investing. Research about the company or brand as well, with which you look forward to franchise and establish a whole new business.
As taking up franchise with any brand is an important decision therefore, one must take it carefully. Make sure while researching, you look for every nook and corner in order to be further sure about the recovery of the amount you will be investing in the initial stage.

Below mentioned are things to be considered while taking up franchise opportunities.
Products or services:
One of the major considerations before taking up any franchise opportunity is to know completely about the industries pros and cons you look forward to invest. It is always advised to be well versed with the industry, its market value and reputation. One must always invest in that industry which is of its interest and something not which is monotonous.

If you have finally decided to invest in a particular industry then before moving ahead make sure you also investigate about the economy of the brand or business. As in the initial stage you will be investing a lot of amount of money therefore, ensure that the brand is well known so that you recover the investment within few months.

Another important factor which must be considered before taking up any business franchise is investment. Once you have decided which industry you look forward to explore ensure that your own budget matches up with the investment amount. Everyone is aware of the fact that franchising requires some amount of investment in the initial stage.

Therefore, it is always advised to be ready with the investment amount. One can take loan from bank in order to be eligible for the investment. In case you fail to meet the investment guidelines of parent company then you are no more considered for franchising.

Brand market value/reputation:
Being a potential franchisor you must be updated with the history of brand like its existence in the market, market reputation and how many other franchises does the brand boasts? One must also cross check about any legal dispute or bankruptcy associated with the brand.

If you are having difficult finding the right franchise for you visit Franchise Provider, at

E-Cigarette Based Studies


    •  In a study of 40 tobacco-dependent smokers, researchers concluded that smoking e-cigarettes alleviated the desire to smoke (after abstaining from smoking overnight), was well-tolerated, and pharmacological more like a Nicorette inhaler than tobacco.

• Another study of 50 smokers who wanted to reduce the health risks associated with smoking, but not quit completely, concluded that the Eclipse brand of e-cigarettes dramatically decreased the consumption of cigarettes without causing withdrawal symptoms. In addition, when participants smoked Eclipse, the nicotine concentrations in their blood remained fairly stable and their desire to quit altogether remained intact. However, the study concluded that because the Eclipse increased carbon monoxide concentrations in the blood, it may not be a safer choice of cigarette. On the other hand, it caused few, significant adverse events.

• In a case study series, the e-cigarette was found to help three study participants — who all had a documented history of repeated failed attempts at smoking cessation using professional smoking cessation assistance methods — quit smoking and remain abstinent for at least 6 months.

• During an online survey conducted in 2010, researchers polled visitors of websites and discussion forums dedicated to the use of the e-cigarette and smoking cessation. Of the 3,587 participants, 70% were former smokers, 61% were men, and the median age was 41 years. On average, participants used the e-cigarette for approximately 3 months, drew 120 puffs/day, and used 5 cartridges/day. Almost all of them used cartridges that contained nicotine. Ninety-six percent said that the e-cigarette helped them quit smoking, while 92% said that it made them smoke less. A majority of the participants said the e-cigarette helped them fight cravings, cope with withdrawal symptoms, and avoid relapsing on cigarettes.

It is therefore easy to conclude that smoking e-cigarettes can be good for long-time smokers as it can reduce the addiction to smoking and in effect reduce the chances of lung cancer. If nicotine is what you are worried about, visit for non nicotine options.


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Fagerström KO, Hughes JR, Callas PW. Long-term effects of the Eclipse cigarette substitute and the nicotine inhaler in smokers not interested in quitting. Nicotine Tob Res. 2002;4 Suppl 2:S141-5.

Electronic Cigarette- Benefits over Traditional Cigarettes


Now that you know that deemed electronic cigarettes can be used as help in quitting smoking, what are the other grounds you should choose the electronic cigarettes over the traditional tobacco filled cigarettes?

Here are a couple of reasons for using the electronic cigarettes outside in order to quit smoking:

Massive Savings: It is not tough to see that electronic cigarettes can really save you a lot of money over an year compared to the traditional cigarettes.Many manufacturers are selling refillable e cig cartridges that cost as much as $5 per pack with the claims that it can last much more than the typical cigarette. According to different manufacturers of the electronic cigarette, a typical electronic cigarette cartridge can simply live as long as 3 packs of a regular cigarette. This means if you are spending $7 on a single pack and smoking 3 days a pack, you could be easily saving $11 everyday. Throughout the year, you could simply end up saving a lot of money by just using an electronic cigarette. The initial cost of getting a starter kit for an electronic cigarette might get some individuals to change their minds, but when you look at their long term saving, electronic cigarette is undeniably, the victor. At you can buy a starter kit for just $15!

Smoke in prohibited locations: The use of traditional tobacco cigarette has been strictly banned by the authorities across the globe in public places. These include restaurants, parks, airports, inside bars, planes, clubs, pubs and everywhere else indoors. Since an electronic cigarette does not include the toxic smoke that is created due to combustion, the vapor coming out when you exhale is solely safe for people present near you. This makes it possible for you to smoke the electronic cigarettes wherever you desire. Even locations with stern prohibition over smoking cannot really stop you from smoking an electronic cigarette.

Free of Toxins: Electronic cigarette vapor is 100% harm free because of no combustion taking place. There is no smoke with toxic chemicals when you exhale and inhale, making it an ideal tool to smoke in places never before. Even people who often are pretty sensitive to smoke will not feel any harm with you smoking in front of them.

Smell: The electronic cigarette’s smell is near to absence. This is due to the vapor that is formed when you inhale the cigarette. The vapor swiftly vanishes into thick air without leaving any smell or trail. With electronic cigarettes, you can simply smoke and not smell bad in front of everyone else and you can eventually get rid of those deodorants you keep aside all the time to hide the nasty smell of smoking.

Study Shows the Effects of Craving, Withdrawal, Symptoms, and Memory with Electronic Cigarettes


Study Shows the Effects of Craving, Withdrawal, Symptoms, and Memory with Electronic Cigarettes


A study conducted out of the University of East London provides some answers.

With so many negative claims about electronic cigarettes in the headlines, is it possible they can improve a person’s memory? What about the effects the device has on cravings and withdrawal symptoms, can e-cigs help control those?

Dr. Lynne Dawkins, from the University of East London, conducted a study with 85 traditional tobacco smokers. The participants were both male and female and came from a diverse background. This group of 85 smokers were given 2 types of electronic cigarettes and broken down into two groups. The first group was given an e-cigarette with nicotine; the second group was given a placebo; the third group was asked to only hold the electronic cigarette.

Before being allowed to use the electronic cigarettes, the participants were asked to rate their craving and withdrawal symptoms and then asked to rate them 5 and 20 minutes after using the electronic cigarettes. The participants from each group were also asked to take a memory test.

The results for the cravings show that the nicotine and placebo males and females showed a decrease in cravings after given the electronic cigarette at both the 5 and 20 minute marks. The “just hold” group showed a small decrease in craving at the five minute mark, but then it went over the baseline at the 20 minute mark.

The results for withdrawal symptoms among the participants group were not as dramatic as the cravings, but did show improvement. The nicotine and placebo group showed a decrease in cravings at the 5 minute mark in both males and females. The 20 minute mark showed a decrease in females for the placebo, while the males withdrawal symptoms climbed. The nicotine group showed a significant decrease at the 20 minute mark, and from the other two groups as well. The group that was asked to just hold the electronic cigarette had climbing withdrawal symptoms.

The memory test showed the group with the nicotine scoring the highest with the placebo group being mediocre. The group that just held the electronic cigarette had fared worse on the memory test.

Dr. Dawkins pointed out in the study that considering the benefits of e-cigarettes, further research is needed for these devices. It is concluded that participants who were given an electronic cigarette with nicotine controlled their withdrawals and cravings better as well as had better memory functions.

More studies are underway around the world on electronic cigarettes reporting many benefits for the device. There is no doubt that this is a safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. For more information on where to buy electronic cigarettes online, visit